Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Favorite Music Store Is Closing After Tomorrow

Living in New Jersey can be a mixed bag when it comes to the good any the bad, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it all my life, and will continue to unless I need to move someday. That said, Curmudgeon Music in Somerville New Jersey, my favorite music store of all time, is closing its doors after Memorial Day. Those who know me know it's no secret that I generally prefer the sound of vinyl records to CDs. There are a few exceptions where I don't feel the sound is very different, but for albums with true analog recordings, I don't think you could mistake the quality difference. Yes, there's some hiss and crackle sometimes, and even the occasional skip, but those who already listen know that this won't really matter to the listener much. It's sad to see a store like this go, mainly because their prices were almost always better than the stores around us. That said, Vintage Vinyl and Princeton Record Exchange will still always be big parts of my music shopping. Someday, maybe the owner will bring the store to a new location, though I know that would be very difficult for them right now. Here's hoping for the future. Keep the music alive my friends.


  1. I don't even have a local record shop, lol. Well, there is one, but it's creepy and mostly caters to whatever is popular on CD. Not really a nice place to go vinyl hunting.

  2. Yeah, I certainly understand. Depending on your area, it can be very difficult to find places like that sometimes. The vinyl market has increased over the years, sure, but it's still not quite at that norm level just yet.

  3. I have been to that store a couple of times got some good deals on anime there. My sister has been there many of times getting CDs for her classes and for fun.