Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why I Haven't Gotten To Start Mass Effect 3 Just Yet...

Well, it would seem I was not destined to play Mass Effect 3 like the rest of the world just yet. I pre-ordered the game on because they had a $12 off coupon. Being able to get the game for $47.99 instead of $59.99 is a pretty sweet deal, and I didn't want to pass that up. You can imagine my shock and awe when I opened my package to see non other than...

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Dun dun DUNNNNNNN!!!!

After recovering from that traumatic encounter, I immediately looked at the receipt paper included, which also noted "Madden 12" as the item shipped with my info. After this, I decided to pull up the site to see if this happened to anyone else. I then noticed an email from them regarding this particular order. Check the image below.

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So to sum it all up, this has happened to other people, and I'm supposed to be getting a call from a rep tomorrow to get Madden returned back to them, and Mass Effect 3 over to me as soon as possible. Now, I'm not so much mad at the site (as Newegg is amazing, as anyone who's ever bought from it can tell you), but I am a little bummed I still won't get to play Mass Effect 3 just yet as a result of this. Also, one thing is for certain. I also bet that someone is probably getting fired for this one. Just one of those "wow" moments...

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