Sunday, August 14, 2011

This Weekend

Just thought I'd give some quick updates on life and such, as well as what types of posts you can expect from me next.

Life: Coming back from New Hampshire was nice this year, as I had a wonderful girl waiting for me when I got back, and friends I got to see after. I didn't feel stressed to go back to work either (as I actually really enjoy my job and especially like all the people I work with). My friend also recently started a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign, so it's even nicer to finally get back into it after so long.

Comics: I'm still playing a huge game of catch up with comics right now. This is mainly due to the fact that I'm reading a large mix of both old and new issues, bringing the pile even higher. I still intend to write a review for the first few issues of Lady Mechanika when I get the chance, as I think it's a title worth mentioning here, that may have slipped a few radars. I'd also like to catch up on all of the Flashpoint tie-ins before the new 52 #1 issues come out. Amazing Spider-Man is also calling me still.

Video Games: I'd still like to write an Epic Mickey review, which I completely forgot about until maybe a day ago. However, I've also been on a big retro kick lately with my gaming. This revolves around my newly replaced Sega Genesis and even more recently purchased Sega 32X. I'll be writing plenty of retro reviews for the games on both of these platforms if everyone likes. I've got a great amount to add and everything.

Books: Right now I'm currently reading Grant Morrison's new book, Supergods. A nice little run-down of comic history, with info on each's impact on the comic book universe. I might want to start either Catching Fire, Legend of the Guardians, or The Great Gatsby next. Time will tell.

I'd say those are all the biggest things going on at the moment. Haven't had as much time for shows and things as I might like, but I know I'll get back to form eventually too. And I suppose there you have it. Any questions or comments on my progress, I'd certainly love to hear from you all, as always. Have a good week everyone!

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