Saturday, May 26, 2012

AnimeNEXT Is In Two Weeks!

After deciding not to go to last year's AnimeNEXT convention (which is literally five minutes from my house since they moved from Secaucus), I realized how much I miss it, and was more than happy to register again for this year's. It's coming up from June 8th-10th, and there's plenty going on this time. One of the reasons I didn't feel the need to go last year was the lack of new people/things going on, and my overall frustration with the way some of the staff treated me and many others the year before last. (Understand I'm a ridiculously polite person most of the time. If I say someone's being rude, it takes a lot.)

I've heard things were fixed up overall on that end, and saw for myself that all kinds of new industry guests and voice actors/actresses would also be there. Hoping to meet some more great people and cosplayers, as well as find some nice and unique things through panels and the dealers' room. And maybe I'll even watch a few shows/movies if they're playing anything worthwhile. Either way, I'll try to get some awesome pictures (though I doubt I'll be able to top the one I took with LittleKuriboh last time, heh). I've actually lost track of how many times I've gone to this con now (I think I started going every year after 2003 or 04), but that's only because this one's so timeless to me in general. I hope to see a bunch of friends there again myself.

And I figure it's never too early to plan... Since I'm not cosplaying this year, does anyone have any ideas for next year? I have a few dream ideas that I know I'd love to try, but a lot of them will likely never happen. Hell, are there any anime characters people think I look like? I already did Shinji my first year, so that's likely out of the question again. :P

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