Monday, January 13, 2014

Deadpool's Super Crazy Funky Movie Review Of American Hustle (2013)

Good to be back, America! So I was thinking (and you know that’s always a very dangerous and sexy thing), “Why stop at all of the usual films that you’d actually expect me to review, and not surprise you all once in a while!?” Well congratulations, that thought bubble has now been pulled from your head and into mine, to do with whatever I please… which is this review!

So, American Hustle… Wow, where do I start on this comedy-drama piece of crazy? Well, for one, the casting is completely insane, between Christian Bale as Irving, Jennifer Lawrence as his wife, Rosalyn, Amy Adams as Sydney, Irving’s partner in crime, and Bradley Cooper as Richie, the FBI agent. You could tell that they all wanted to win awards when they filmed this one folks. Everybody puts all of their acting cards on the table and starts dancing like it’s 1978… Hey wait, that IS when this takes place! ABUUUUH!?

So after we’re treated to 5 glorious minutes of Irving figuring out how to mend his balding head, we’re then whisked away into to his brief and completely totally innocent story of conning people out of all their hard-earned money with the help of Sydney, posing as an ENGLISH English aristocrat woman. Things go awry when Richie catches them in the middle of a loan scheme. Instead of putting them away, he makes them an offer they can’t refuse (admit it; you said this in the Godfather voice… ADMIT IT!): a chance for their freedom if they help him with 4 additional arrests. The mentality being that with people like Irving and Sydney, who KNOW how the criminal mind works, there is no criminal they cannot apprehend. So baldy and Sydney decide to eventually go along with it, and from there, the goofiness and hilarity ensue (not that we weren’t already getting plenty of that before!).

What really makes all of this work is the acting. If the acting was poor, this whole film would fall apart, but everybody is brilliant with what they do here. Though I haven’t mentioned her much yet, Jennifer Lawrence gets some serious props for her role in this film too, as Irving’s insane wife, who refuses to divorce him and let him get custody of his son. I found myself laughing at almost every scene she was in, which is total plus.

Louis C.K. also plays a part in this film, and while it is not a huge role, it is a FUNNEH role! Yet another character who caused me laugh again and again whenever he was on stage. This man may be a brilliant comedian, but it turns out he's actually got some nice acting chops as well.

As I’ve said in previous reviews, but will happily say unto you once again, Amy Adams is… not the girl from Enchanted anymore, let me tell you what! In fact, if you really wanted to mess with someone who loved her in Enchanted (scar them for life/turn them on), showing them this movie would do the trick. I saw more of her in that movie than I’ve seen of myself in the last few years. Most would probably say that’s an improvement in my case!

The soundtrack, while a little predictable in some places, is all-around excellent. Between Steely Dan, Duke Ellington, and Chicago, you’ve got yourself and all-star 70’s lineup! I wasn’t born in the 70’s myself, but seeing movies like this won’t stop me from wanting to grow giant sideburns and crazy beards like these mofo’s up in here! Don’t stop till you get enough!!!

I’ll also give the film EVEN MORE CREDIT (I’m going to go over the limit soon if I don’t back it up!) over the bits of drama that occur throughout the film as well. Yes, it’s mostly silly crazy ha ha hee haw, but there are a few emotional moments trickled into this for effect, and they hit where it hurts (no, not THERE you pervinator!), in the feels… Character development is very real in this movie, and you all know how I feel when shit gets real!

It’s not hard to see why the movie is getting such high critical acclaim and awards and all of that shiny stuff I’ll never see in my lifetime. Everything really was top-notch, and you could tell the film was destined for great things. I’m just glad it actually delivered. You all know how I feel about those damn hype trains…

Hype train-avoiding Deadpool gives American Hustle 9 Science Ovens out of 10

Oh yeah, that’s the stuff! Now someone help me comb my afro. I’m about to take you back to a time you were probably never even born in! Like me... Ah ah, don’t stop till you get enough!!!

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