Thursday, September 3, 2015

Deadpool's Really REAL Movie Review Of Straight Outta' Compton

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Alright everyone, let's face it: I'm not the most politically correct person on the planet (being the "Merc-With-A-Mouth" will do that to ya). Being as Deadpool-y as I am, this also makes my character completely sexist, until I'm not, for unexplainable reasons other than "New writing team, ermahgerd!" With all of that said, how could I NOT be enthused to run out and see 'Straight Outta' Compton' as soon as humanly possible!? This is the group that put gangsta rap on the MAP people!

This film works in more of a biopic style, just to give you an idea of the strength of street knowledge you are about to witness (bonus points if you just said that in Dr. Dre's voice!). Even more interesting was that Ice Cube's part was actually played by Ice Cube's son! How awesome is that!? I'm sure daddy was real proud of that one, as he did an excellent job with the part. Hell, pretty much EVERYone did. There wasn't a bad actor among the bunch, just some that got to shine more than others here.

The movie is directed by F. Gary Gray. If you don't know why that's a good thing, then you haven't seen 'Friday' nearly as many times as I have. It's basically the greatest movie about nothing, ever, with lots and lots of puffing... No, I don't mean the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man; Jesus! Unlike 'Friday' however, this film also has a lot of depth and emotion. Whether they're tears of joy or tears of sadness, you'll be crying them; make no mistake!

Whether or not you're into rap, this is simply a well-made movie regardless. Sure, it left out some... uncomfortable things involving Ice Cube and Dr. Dre that we won't talk about here (even though that should have been obvious since the two of them produced the damn thing!), but not even so much as a mentioning of said "thing" in the film brought some disappointment with it. It may be a little thing to some, but to others it's a very big thing and for good reason. Again, I'm not going into it. I'm just talking about how I'm not going into it for a whole paragraph instead. Seems to get the job done! (Now everybody who understood all of this is nodding their head slowly, while everyone else is running to Google to search for clues like Scooby and the gang!)

Details aside from the bit above, the film was an overall great representation of the history of this group and legacy, as well as their impact on gangsta rap in general. You want to know where "F@#k Tha Police" came from? You're going to f@#king learn where "F@#k Tha Police" came from! When you think about it, it's a miracle a movie like this even came out! When was the last time you remember Hollywood approving a project as sensitive as this one? Go ahead, I'll wait... Yeah, that's what I thought!

An interesting bit of trivia for you: The group and filmmakers all had to have real security on site at all times. During filming there was even a drive-by shooting and a hit-and-run. This stuff is real folks. Real-er than all the fourth-wall breaking I do. REALLY F@#KING REAL!

So do yourself a favor. If you do claim to know the history of the group and have any interest in their story or music, see this. If you do not possess any of the above qualities, see it anyway. Why? Because you just might learn something about the harsh realities of the world that you never have to see (I'm talking to YOU, white people!).

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I'm going to request my movie have some type of free-style rap segment. Since I can literally do ANYTHING in my comics, I see no reason why my movie can't function the same way. Oh, right... Money... Son of a-

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