Sunday, June 26, 2011


I thought I would take this as a time to jot down many favorites I have. This can vary into all sorts of categories, but I'll try to keep it brief without becoming obnoxious. If you'd like, you can copy this list and paste your own favorites next to my own. I'd love to hear what everyone else is stricken by.

Favorite Band/Artist: Queen
Favorite Music Format(Vinyl, CD, Cassette, or MP3): Vinyl
Favorite Television Series: Garo
Favorite Book: The Giver
Favorite Author: Douglas Adams
Favorite Comic Book Series: Transmetropolitan
Favorite Stand-Alone Graphic Novel: Grendel: Devil By The Deed
Favorite Comic Book Character: Deadpool
Favorite Superhero: Spider-Man
Favorite Movie: Metropolis (1927)
Favorite Video Game: Xenogears (PS1)
Favorite Japanese Anime: One Piece
Favorite Japanese Manga: S-Cry-Ed
Favorite Food: Lobster


  1. Favorite Band/Artist: That's tough. Old Nightwish?
    Favorite Music Format(Vinyl, CD, Cassette, or MP3): CD
    Favorite Television Series: Star Trek
    Favorite Book: Another hard one... Lord of the Rings
    Favorite Author: Clive Barker
    Favorite Comic Book Series: Maximum Carnage
    Favorite Stand-Alone Graphic Novel: V For Vendetta
    Favorite Comic Book Character: Venom
    Favorite Superhero: Spider-Man
    Favorite Movie: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
    Favorite Video Game: Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)
    Favorite Japanese Anime: Vampire Hunter D
    Favorite Japanese Manga: Don't read them :-/
    Favorite Food: Italian subs

  2. Favorite Band/Artist: Foo Fighters
    Favorite Music Format(Vinyl, CD, Cassette, or MP3): Cassettes
    Favorite Television Series: Simpsons
    Favorite Book: Dante's Inferno
    Favorite Author: Anne Rice
    Favorite Comic Book Series: Green Lantern Corps
    Favorite Stand-Alone Graphic Novel: Final Crisis
    Favorite Comic Book Character: John Stewart
    Favorite Superhero: Spider-Man/Green Lantern Kyle Rayner
    Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride
    Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy 8 (PS1)
    Favorite Japanese Anime: Saint Seiya
    Favorite Japanese Manga: Dot.Hack//G.U.+
    Favorite Food: Italian BMT from Subway

  3. Favorite Band/Artist: Opeth
    Favorite Music Format(Vinyl, CD, Cassette, or MP3): CD
    Favorite Television Series: I guess South Park, though if it was quality, I'd say Freaks and Geeks.
    Favorite Book: Let the Right One In
    Favorite Author: Chuck Klosterman
    Favorite Comic Book Series: Punisher War Journal
    Favorite Stand-Alone Graphic Novel: Watchmen
    Favorite Comic Book Character: Edward Nygma
    Favorite Superhero: Frank Castle
    Favorite Movie: A Clockwork Orange
    Favorite Video Game: Mortal Kombat II
    Favorite Japanese Anime: Paprika
    Favorite Japanese Manga: shrug - um..recommend me something.
    Favorite Food: Pasta with chicken and shrimp

  4. You people are awesome!

    And Johan, there is no shame in choosing Princess Bride as your favorite, and I commend you for it buddy.